Educational activities

We bridge the gap between education and architectural practice.

All three of us are experienced educators: Tom and Chris work are employed as studio leaders at Nottingham Trent University School of Architecture, whilst Thibaut is a regular visiting tutor at schools of architecture. We go into schools and community centres to run design projects with children and families. In your workplace, we can offer professional development and training sessions.

Architects are trained to turn constraints into opportunities, and to come up with imaginative solutions to ‘wicked’ problems — particularly if there is a real need for change in the face of obstacles. Through our educational activities we can help you to develop these skills too. For instance, we can teach you how to gather relevant background information, how to structure and organise them, and how to create and communicate new ideas for a sustainable future.

We design and deliver courses consisting of lectures, seminars, workshops and studio based sessions, for both small and large groups, ranging in experience and ability from primary school to university levels. For individuals we offer tuition and coaching which can be tailored to their needs..  

What we can help you with

Organising learning programmes

  • Giving talks and presentations, and helping you do the same
  • Using computer software effectively
  • Analysing and fulfilling your training needs

Running creative projects of all kinds

  • Developing good design ideas of your own
  • Communicating your design ideas clearly
  • Organising public exhibitions

Sharing our knowledge and skills

  • Enabling you to carry out surveys
  • Developing your research skills
  • Helping you write reports and funding bids

Some of our education projects and activities: