Working with communities

We enable you to take ownership of your environment.

We strongly believe that community lies at the heart of our clients' projects, from the smallest family unit, through neighbourhoods and workplaces, right up to the civic level of towns and cities. We develop an understanding of community needs and impacts at the start of all projects, alongside our studies of the site, brief and business planning. That understanding helps us create designs that are of value to the people who are affected by them: beautiful to look at, easy to use and efficient with resources.

For projects at the urban scale we work hard to see below the surface: we're seeking solutions that are simple but also meet the needs of all stakeholders, creating win-win outcomes even where objections and conflict seem likely.

On commercial and public sector projects we seek to define the organisational model in addition to the need for physical space. We listen to the expertise that resides with group members, employees and management to design for the processes, practices and people involved. The result is buildings and spaces that are popular and 'just work'.

For domestic projects we work closely with our clients to understand their needs now and for the future, considering how the home can support and adapt with their lifestyles. We consult with neighbours and planning authorities to understand any restrictions, so that potential objections can be designed out before they become a problem.


What we can help you with

Engaging communities

  • Organising participative workshops
  • Consulting with communities
  • Creating interactive public exhibitions

Kickstarting grass-root projects

  • Sourcing pump-priming funding
  • Supporting neighbourhood planning processes
  • Visualising your ideas for better communication

Facilitating the design process

  • Facilitating stakeholder meetings and negotiations
  • Running co-creation and visioning workshops
  • Hosting public meetings and events

Some projects and articles about our involvement with the community:

Other things we can help you with

Is your community group working on a regeneration plan for your neighbourhood?

Are you an artist working with the community?

Are you an architect who wants to promote community projects within her practice?