We design inventive and friendly architectural spaces that create a strong sense of place.

Architecture is at the core of what do. We offer a full architectural service, from helping our clients to understand their needs for a project, right through to running the building contract, conducting site inspections and certifying payments to builders. Our inter-disciplinary skills has allowed us to successfully complete a wide range of architectural projects, with both private and public clients.

Whatever the scale of our projects — from self-build housing to large museum pavilions, from tiny mountain cabins to industrial conversions — we are firm believers in an in-depth briefing process. By really understanding the way our clients live, work and think — be they individuals or organisations— we can find solutions that are creative, practical and affordable. 

Having got our heads around the project, we set up a dialogue with our clients, involving them just as much as they want in the design process and decision making. We demystify each step along the way to create a true sense of shared ownership of the design. This principle of dialogue extends to our professional collaborators: we seek out collaborators with a similar attitude to their clients and engage early with planning and building control authorities to make sure we are heading in an achievable direction.

When the strategy is clear, we pitch whole-heartedly into working out the detail of our projects. Our priority is to make fantastic designs that work — on all levels.

How we can help you

Kickstarting your project

From concept to detailed design

  • Developing your idea into a fully detailed project
  • Minimising its environmental footprint
  • Integrating sustainable technical solutions
  • Coordinating the design with design consultants
  • Designing interiors and lighting

Getting it built

  • Obtaining planning permissions
  • Surveying buildings and properties
  • Managing sites and construction contracts
  • Guiding you during self-build projects

Some architecture projects we worked on:

Other things we can help you with

Do you wish to involve the wider community in your project?

Do you want to breath a new life into an existing space?

Are you an artist interested in architectural spaces?

Are you looking into developing a new architectural product or design process?

Are you part of a school or a group of self-builders?