Interior & exhibition design

We work from the inside out to creatively reuse spaces.

We see the design of spaces and places as the creation of experiences, to be 'lived' by the people who inhabit them. This design approach is brought to the fore in interior spaces and exhibitions — where the design of an enveloping and sensual experience is as important as the arrangement of exhibits and furnishings.

We have a long-standing association with the renowned Interior Architecture and Design course at Nottingham Trent University, preparing students with the design skills and technical skills to enter practice with leading national and international employers in the field.

Our technical knowledge of materials and systems ensures that our designs are buildable and, where relevant, deployable and demountable. We have designed, built and transported both our own stands and installations of our artist collaborators to many exhibitions, so we understand the practical demands from a first-hand perspective.

What we can help you with

Interior architecture

  • Remodelling spaces

  • Converting buildings for new uses

  • Obtaining building regulations and change of use permissions

Interior design

  • Designing and visualising interiors and lighting strategies

  • Specifying interior products and fittings

  • Designing custom integrated furniture

Exhibition design

  • Designing exhibition scenography and installations

  • Constructing and installing exhibitions

  • Creating interactivity, including video projections, sounds and physical computing

Some projects and articles about interior and exhibition design

Other things we can help you with...

Are you thinking of converting, remodelling or extending a building?

Are you an artist or a craftsman?