Research studies

We help institutions and entrepreneurs innovate in sustainable architecture.

All of us at 2hD have experience of research activity at doctorate level, and we’re particularly keen to put our skills to use for the benefit both of public and private clients, professional consultants and community groups: if you want us to investigate an issue involving differences of viewpoint, or to solve a material or construction-related technical problem, we’d be delighted to take up the challenge.  

In relation to the built environment and its associated culture, we believe strongly that people need in-depth knowledge of context (social, political, technical and economic) to enable them to make the most effective decisions about its future. Generating this kind of knowledge is one of our specialisms.

Although experts in our own right, we pride ourselves on being good listeners and communicators, enabling us to design research projects and disseminate knowledge effectively and clearly. We produce relevant, practically useful and easily understood information in response to whatever questions we are asked to investigate.

What we can help you with

Understanding the context for development

  • Undertaking physical, technical and legal feasibility studies
  • Investigating the history of a site and its surroundings
  • Developing a business case for site proposals

Providing recommendations for change

  • Advising on alternative development options
  • Negotiating routes through conflicting issues
  • Undertaking comparative evaluation of constraints and opportunities

Developing architectural products

  • Designing and experimentally testing new construction systems
  • Analysing marketability of new products and construction techniques
  • Creating custom visualisation and data-mining tools for environmental design

Our fields of expertise and research projects

Architectural practice & community

An ongoing research project by 2hD director Chris Heuvel, into how architectural practices can grow their business in parallel with involvement in community engagement exercises. The research is supported by the School of Architecture at Nottingham Trent University and is currently conducted by Chris within the framework of his DArch thesis.
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Environmental design & textile architecture

A PhD research project by 2hD director Thibaut Devulder, investigating the thermal behaviour of spaces enclosed by large-scale tensile structures. This research was carried out by Thibaut at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Nottingham. It was published in his PhD thesis (2004) and as part of the official European Design Guide for Tensile Surface Structures (2004).
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Lightweight steel-frame housing

A PhD research project by 2hD director Tom Hughes, investigating the design and market perception of lightweight steel-frame housing in the UK. This research was carried out by Tom at the School of Architecture & Design at Lincoln University and was published in 2003 in his PhD thesis.

Conservation of historical buildings

Our research expertise in the field of architectural conservation extends from the cultural implications of rehabilitation policies in Transylvanian villages to the conservation of medieval timber structures at Lincoln cathedral. These research projects were carried out by Alina and Tom at Nottingham Trent University and by Thibaut at the University of Nottingham.

Some research articles in our Workshop blog

Our publications

Here is a complete list of our publications, which relate to our practice and research expertise.

If you would like more information on any of these papers or would be interested in future research collaborations, get in touch with us!

  • Formation through Misinformation
    Heuvel C
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  • Studio as Cabaret: from Genius Loci to Locus Genii
    Heuvel C
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  • "It’s Norwich, Jim, but We Used to Call It Amsterdam" (possible influences of the Amsterdam School on pre-war architecture in Norwich)
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