Art collaborations


We help artists explore new creative routes and realise projects.

We love to work with people that push us out of our comfort zone!
Our many collaborations with visual artists, musicians, live performers and passionate craftsmen have all been immensely enjoyable and formative experiences — driving us to open the boundaries of architecture and create new ways of perceiving and engaging with the world around us.

Using our multifaceted experience in building things and engaging people, we will work hand-in-hand with you to explore new artistic directions — from initial concepts to public exhibition — helping you throughout the artistic process to visualise ideas, make art pieces and installations, develop custom technical solutions for your project and communicate with funders and the public.

We have successfully worked on art projects of all scales, ranging from independent artist initiatives to commissions from large art institutions such as Arts Council England, Lille Museum of Modern Art and the French National Studio for Contemporary Arts.

What we can help you with

Bouncing ideas

  • Developing artistic concepts with you

  • Making physical prototypes to test ideas

  • Sorting out technical feasibility

  • Creating visualisations for communication and fundraising

Making it happen

  • Building art pieces and installations

  • Bringing in interactions with videos, sounds, musical instruments and objects

  • Writing custom computer programmes to control installations and interactions

 Engaging the public

  • Designing scenography and exhibitions

  • Setting up installations in public spaces

  • Animating participative workshops with visitors and local communities

Do you have a project idea and would like to bounce ideas? We are open to new projects and collaborations!

Some of our art projects and collaborations

Other things we can help you with

Are you an artist interested in architectural spaces or public art projects?

Is your art project actively involving local residents, neighbourhood community groups or schools?

Do you want to convert a existing space to present your artwork?