Thibaut Devulder

The Fabrica Art Gallery, Brighton's famous visual arts organisation, has offered to host our Ooo-Ya-Tsu performance for the Brighton Digital Festival 2014, next September.

Fabrica Art Gallery  (Photo by  Dominic Alves  )

Fabrica Art Gallery (Photo by Dominic Alves)

Based in a former Regency church in the heart of Brighton, Fabrica commissions contemporary visual art installations specific to the building.

As part of the presentation of the project, we prepared this short description of the project, for once in English:

Constructed as a cycle, the Ooo-Ya-Tsu performance sketches a poetic landscape around the interactions of visual art collective QuboGas, designer Thibaut Devulder, musician Olivier Durteste and a custom-made computer programme.

Ooo-Ya-Tsu takes inspiration from phase music and conjures up the imagery of mobile collages, in which new strokes, colours and sounds are overlaid and combined at each sequence.

The performance develops in three phases:

  • A creative phase, during which the different performers step in sequentially to create and compose the graphical soundscape.
  • A chaotic phase, as the richness of the interactions takes over the performance, claiming back control over the creative process.
  • A rebirth phase, as Ooo-Ya-Tsu subsides and settles into an autonomous animated fresco, extending its visible existence into the digital space of the performance venue.

While based on a complex technical system, Ooo-Ya-Tsu keeps at its core the visual universe of the QuboGas collective: hand-drawn sketches on paper, in pencil, ink and watercolour. Digitised, these shapes and colours are combined with the soundscape composed by Olivier Durteste.

Ooo-Ya-Tsu offers a contemplative take on a collective artwork, where human gestures bring forth an infinite virtual fresco, an autonomous universe of sounds and graphics.