Ooo-Ya-Tsu on Arte TV

Thibaut Devulder

The French digital creation centre Le Cube hosted us for a week last April in Paris, to continue developing our live drawing and music performance Ooo-Ya-Tsu.

As part of this artist residency, the Franco-German cultural TV channel Arte came to film us and interview our collaborators, the collective Qubo Gas, discussing how the Ooo-Ya-Tsu project fitted in their wider practice as visual artists.

Qubo Gas collective interviewed by Arte, during our artist residency at Le Cube, in Paris (photo © Qubo Gas) 

This video is also available online on the Arte Creative website (photos above © Atelier A).

Lost Cuckoo workshop at NTU

Thibaut Devulder

Furthering our exploration and experiments using the cardboard module developed for the Lost Cuckoo project, Marcus Rowlands and 2hD Architects ran two "lectures" at Nottingham Trent University.

Images by Marcus Rowlands and Matthew Mouncey

With the participation of staff and students from the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, and in a lecture hall setting. This was, however, not your standard lecture format: the starting point was for each person to build a module, then to team up and build an assembly, and finally to bring everything together to create a space-within-a-space... in which the 'lecture' would happen.

Video by 2hD

VM Spark Utfor 2012

Thibaut Devulder

Now a proud resident of the Kingdom of Norway, I see it as my duty to take part in all the crazy outdoor activities that the locals so enthusiastically tell me about. So, after just five months on Norwegian soil, I took part with my father in this year's Downhill Kick Sled World championship, as the only French representatives of the competition...

Called Spark in Norwegian, the Norwegian kick sled is a beautiful balance between utter flimsiness and aggressive ice carving, between old style traditional craftsmanship and modern minimalism.

So, with basically no training, we flung ourselves on a spark down 4.5km of icy winding roads on the hills of Hurdal at up to 40km/h, an honourable speed considering how little control we could exert on our trajectory. Here's an overview of our performance in all its helmet-cam glory:

Glad to have survived this trial, we will be starting the training for next year's championship as soon as the first snow hits the Norwegian hills.

Mass observation

Thibaut Devulder

Our friend Colin Haynes, who worked with us on the Sneinton Trail project, has just introduced me to the Mass Observation movement.

Initiated in 1937 by anthropologist Tom Harrisson, poet Charles Madge and film-maker Humphrey Jennings, this project aimed to record the daly life of Britain through diaries or open-ended questionnaires filled in by hundreds of untrained volunteers. Recording everything, from everyday conversations to wall graffiti and jokes heard in public occasions, they created strangely detailed and offbeat snapshots of British society.

How to use hoardings

Thibaut Devulder

This project involves the demolition of an estate of BISF steel frame houses. The hoarding around the site has been used to capture the community spirit and help a positive transition through the change process.