Deep in the Forest of Acro

Thibaut Devulder

We've given you a clear idea about your destination, and working with the builder, engineer and others we've mapped out a route to get you there. But when embarking on a remodelling project there's often no way round the forest of 'acrow props' that will temporarily invade your space.

This cottage remodel will open up three poky little rooms into a decent living space and connected kitchen. Opening up space like this can transform a house but the joys of open plan living can quickly die if it's not right for your lifestyle- we always try to balance the breathing space and light created by larger spaces with the functionality and feeling of security offered by cellular rooms. This approach brings out the best in existing buildings and delivers spaces that meet our client's needs.

Invented in 1935 by a Swiss engineer, the Acrow Prop provides adjustable temporary support for the existing structure while new elements such as beams and coloumns are inserted. Their appearance signals a major advance in the project, but the Forest of Acrow can seem a gloomy and threatening place too. Things get more complex by the day, the route can be hard to see and final destination feels further away than ever. Time to look at those visualisations again and keep moving forward- end results like this will be worth it!