LaM Pavilion: some technical information

Thibaut Devulder

As we get many enquiries about the inflatable event space we recently designed for the Lille Metropole Museum of Modern Art (LaM), here's a little technical summary.


  • Usable internal area: 360 m2
  • Overall footprint: 400 m2
  • Max dimensions: 40 m (length), 15 m (width), 19 m (overall width), 8 m (height)


  • Ground anchors: 500 mm deep Terra-bolt screws (or equivalent traction anchors, metal or plastic), every 2 meters of perimeter 
  • Ballast (alternative): 500kg every 2 meters of perimeter

Inflation system

  • 15 centrifugal fans (12 active plus 3 backups), 1.5 kW power each, equipped with noise silencers.
  • All fan units wired to pressure-sensitive alarm system


  • Main surface: Ripstop Nylon, white translucent
  • Air beams: PVC coated polyester, white

Feel free to contact us if you need more information...