Exhibition: Qubo Gas at Art Connexion

Thibaut Devulder

While in Lille, I got a chance to visit an exhibition by the Qubo Gas collective, with whom we are collaborating on the Ooo-Ya-Tsu performance.

Morgan Dimnet and Jef Ablézot, of art collective Qubo Gas

Entitled "Rêveries des Roches Perforées" ("Daydream of Perforated Rocks"), this exhibition presented at contemporary art gallery Art Connexion showcases some of their latest work, including a recent woodblock print made during a residency in Japan — using the traditional Japanese technique Ukiyo-e — as well as the eponymous piece of the exhibition: a large three-dimensional transposition of their graphic universe into a giant flurry of pleated felt and threads.

Fascinating to see how Qubo Gas manage to express their intricate poetic universe of wild gardens and abstract superpositions of colours and details in so many forms...